WTT: KH 29 for a KH 26

I have a very clean KH 29 with the 47mm wide freeride rim, new style KH hub, Maxxis Ardent and Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires, frame is natural aluminum clear coated.

I’d like to trade my frame, wheel, and tire for a KH 26 frame wheel and tire. I am only interested in the wider KH 26 frame that will accomodate a 3" tire.


I am in the queue for a geared 26 hub, hence my plan to swap frame and wheel sizes.

I don’t know when my guni will be done, it could be months, but if I don’t find a trade, then the KH 29 all or part will be for sale outright once my hub is done.

For now, I am ONLY interested in a trade.

the 29

how much for the 29?

bens going to slap you thorough the computer!

Ben, I am pretty sure that the 26" frame is the same width as the 29" frame. Unless you are going with rim brakes you could just throw the 26" wheel in the 29" frame.

If I remember right the only change that Kris made to make the 26" frame accept the larger tire was to raise the crown.

Hey Eric, you’re right, only the magura mount is different. I am going to stick with rim brakes for now, BUT you do bring up a good point, I do have a 29" wheel which will essentially works as a back up wheel, but then I’d have to get disc brakes and two sets of cranks or do some sort of magura brake fab…

i might take you up on that trade if your still interested. ill try to pm you