WTS_____ my old lx

well i know that it might not sell very good or no one will wanna buy it but it worth a try.

well i broke the seat then fixed it and leme say it is really really strong. i made a new base for it and i but it through some rough stuff and it held. i also upgraded the wheel set its a little stronger than the old one. ill get somw pics up in a lil.

ohh yah i used this uni for like only 2 weeks, so its pretty much still new.:smiley: im also willing to sell it in parts just to let yall know.

grr you’re carrying on that pathetic joke…

huh what are you talking about?

Ok so in two weeks you managed to break the seat post, do something to the tyre, repair the tyre and start trying to sell it.

This really doesn’t make any sense to me.

how much?

500 bucks plus shipping. its an LX, very high quality, the shipping is 25 cents per mile.

Brand new there like 100 so id shoot for 50-80

crowe shut up lol. nah im just kidding with you crowe, no actually i only want like 40$ for it. maybe 30$ cause im kinda desperate.

  • shipping or including it? if not around how much shipping

ok, i will take it , if you have some photo
do u mind send them to my Email.

i am really interested
may i have ur email something like that we can talk about it

ok heres the pics

colby unicycle 009.jpg

oo yah sorry for all so many of them, but i wanted to make sure you saw every bit of the uni you could.:slight_smile:

also thats me in pic 12 im 200lbs and am 5’8". just to give yall an i dea of how tall it is. any questions pm me.

That wheelset looks weaker than the old one… it’s got a steel rim and it looks to be a cheapo hub.

well they both square tapered and tha guy that ordered it for from my local bike shop said it was the same one. the rim might be different but i dont think so and if it is it has the same strength because i put it through the same stuff i did the first rim

how’d that happen in 2 weeks?

still waiting for your email…

where are u located?