wtf, pink unicyclist site

my unicyclist site has turned pink :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking:
i dont know why or how, suddenly it was pink.
i checked the site on my friends computer, and it was pink there too.
anyone else who have the same “problem”?


SCroll all the way to the bottom of a page. Lower left there is a drop down style menu. Looks like someone is playing with the styles. :smiley:

I honestly burst out laughing when I read this. Mines now in german from scroling down lol

you can change it back to blue… click on the quick links button bellow your name, then click on edit options, and then scroll down to where it says Miscellaneous Options. There will be a box that says forum skin. then change it.

Why is this posted in RSU?
The volume of new threads in RSU is already high enough that I don’t read every new thread. Now I’ve wasted my time reading this irrelevant thread.

Just Conversation is the place for threads like this.

Got you there! Haha.
I love knowing others passwords… :stuck_out_tongue:

lille luring-jævel, fredrik :stuck_out_tongue: ( just kidding with him in norwegian :stuck_out_tongue: )

got it back to blue now;)

panic over?


And with that, life is back to normal on the forums

Except there is another useless thread in RSU! :angry:

Hey, thats normal now :wink:
And yes point, this needs to die soon