WTF? My new to me, used Loyd unicycle tire valve broke when inflating!

Are unicycle tires & valves typically cr@@pily made?

The tire air valve on the Loyd unicycle I just bought from a woman a couple weeks ago, just broke when i was inflating it.
I barely touched the damned thing.
Was simply pumping it with the hand pump, and the valve was barely moving at all while it was being inflated, when about 4 seconds into it the valve made a loud snapping sound. Followed by the hissing of escaping air from around the valve stem. :angry:

Kindof ticked, as I was just starting to feel a glimmer of what it might feel like to ride it today during a short practice session when i was able to pick up a little speed and for a few seconds stay on it without holding on to the fence.

But while doing this noticed how squishy the tire was so checked it again, and it was very squishy indeed though not flat. So decided to run to the store to buy the tire pump. Came back and went to inflate the tire only to be met with the darned POP of the valve stem!!!

Are uni tire valve stems, or tubes ( Ive not checked, but am assuming the tire on my uni has a tube rather than just a tire ) typically so fragile? Was really looking forward to practicing rather than having that occur.

Most unicycle tires and tubes are also used by bikes and most don’t have that type of problem. If it was used, there may have been some damage to it that wasn’t known. I think the recommended solution would be to buy a new tube for it. At least that’s what I would do. Just get a tube that is the size that should be marked on the side of your tire, replace the old one, and try again.

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Thanks for the response.
Well, at least it wasnt the tire itself that broke.

I was concerned at first that it was a tubeless tire and Ive have to replace the whole tire. Shows how little I know about them yet.

Good its likely just a tube replacement. Well, Ill likely be buying a new unicycle in next month or two anyway. But its preferable usually even when spending $50 on a used item that rather something breaking on it right after buying it, it work well for a longer time.

So tube from bike shop is on my list of to do things tomorrow.

Good plan. Even when you eventually get your new one, be sure to keep your first uni in safe, working order. You may eventually want to loan it out for others to learn.

Also, in case you haven’t been welcomed yet…
Welcome to the forums! We are a rather friendly bunch and will be willing to help answer any question you have about unicycling. Don’t be afraid to ask things you don’t know, and enjoy getting to know others in this community. :smiley:

“new” Loyd is probably about as old as I am (about to turn 46). I think the last possible year they were made was 1967. After that Loyd Wicker Smith sold his design to Schwinn. It’s possible that the tube in there was equally old, though it’s probably been changed at least once in its lifetime. :slight_smile:

Valve stems are a common failure point in bike innertubes. This can happen due to bad installation, where the valve isn’t completely lined up with the hole in the rim, forcing it to be pulled to the side. Or can happen from overly-aggressive attaching to a pump, or just being hit or caught on something. Anyway, no big deal. Just take care when putting the new tube in, to make sure it’s seated comfortably and lined up with the hole.