WTF is the difference between these 2 Nimbus ISIS Trials 20" !!!

i’ve found these two nimbus trials unis, one from AUS on UDC and one from NZ on UDC. they got the same name and look the same but one seems a bit different and costs more. heres the links.

AUS unicycle

NZ unicycle

Whats the difference if their is a difference?

same thing except the currency in each country is different, hence the price difference.

Isis does not equal cotterless.

Yes but they are both ISIS, the AUS site is just using an old image.

Oh rite, so people, theyre same just different currency and pics. well heres something weird. go on the new zealland UDC and go to “buy a unicycle” then go “trials” unicycles now it will come up with a list. it has one nimbus trials ISIS 20" for 340$ and another one with the different pic also called the samething and that one costs 450$. how can they be the same currency?

this is the link… look at the first uni and the 3rd uni. LOL wait i think the first one isnt ISIS…

The first cheaper one on that list is the old non ISIS version. (just saw that you realized this)

1 New Zealand dollar = 0.877794997 Australian dollars

you got it. the first one is not an ISIS hub.

And yes, the other two are exactly the same they just have an old picture on the Oz site.

Kool im wondering if you used some kinda of money converter thing or went on a website to find that out. kos i always wonder what the difference between an AUS dollar and an Amercan dollar is.

Google is your friend as always

UDC NZ is making money off New Zealand’s high exchange rate >.>

But saying that America and Australia need the common sense to put their prices up on the nimbus ISIS as it keeps selling out. NZ’s is still too expensive. O well I didn’t have any other options apart from paying hundreds for postage.