WTD: Kris Holm 2004 steel black TRIALS frame.

Hey there, I’m after a 20" KH steel frame from 2004, it’s a black one. This is also the one that Summit copied. (But i dont want the Summit version).

Anyway, please post back if your at all interested in selling one.

I have a black Koxx Devil frame and a custom powdercoated Black KH 2005 aluminium trials frame that I can swap if you like.

If not, a cash payment can be done

Thanks for your time!

(you know you want to sell yours, and upgrade :wink: )

I don’t have one for sale, but I know bedford unicycles sells them. there in canada though, so It’s pretty far away.

um, why do you want one?


woah, you sure mornish? :astonished:

This frame is pretty ancient, I never knew that shops could still stock them!

Right, email away time.

It says on theyre price list. lemme find it…

edit: is this it?


Cheers mornish, :slight_smile:

Would you happen to know if Bedford Unicycles are fast to email replies like unicycle.com are?

I just hope UK postage isnt going to cost an arm and a leg

I’m not sure. he should get back to you kindof soon though.

just wondering, why do you want one?

do you break frames alot?

darren is pretty prompt with his replys.

I think he may be out of town right now though so you should probably send him an email anyways though.

Darren answers emails really fast. I think he is back now because he just answered my email.

Selling Trading or Both??

are u just swapping it or selling it…cuz i wud like to see a pic of the other KH frame and or how much u are selling the KH 2004 for?

hey, i have a 03 KH frame that is black and CROMO. not exsactly the same mind you but almost exsactly, i think the only diffrence is the way the bearing housings look. super nice in anycase , never had a problem with it. it’s yours for 75 candian and you pay the shipping.


wat color is the frame u are selling…how much will shipping cost…how much was it originally…and wat condition is it in???..and also…I am a bit low on cash at the moment…so could u pay shipping…and do u have a KH seat post and seat post clamp to go with it…add it on the cost if u do.


Im sure bedford can get them cause he told me this:

but you probably know that because he was probably talking about you.