WTD: cheap hub and cranks or "project" wheel

I want to try building a wheel!

Anyone have an old hub and perhaps compatible cranks kicking around? ISIS spline (with or without cranks) or cotterless (with well fitting matching cranks) okay. Serviceable bearings would be a plus but can obviously replace. Preferably 36H and 100mm spacing, but would contemplate other specs if cheap.

Would also contemplate a more complete wheel “kit” or project in need of (re)-building, though as a first project I’m not looking to spend the actual value of premium components.

Compatible frame could be of interest too. Or even an old saddle base if the structural core is sound.

I have a learner 20" and a decent 26" to ride, but an undeniable urge to tinker. Complementing what I have with a different size (or a more trials-like 19" or 20") would be nice, but duplicating is okay too. If I get just a hub, I’ll probably pick up a cheap BMX or 24" MTB wheel and try to build it into that, machine some bearing holders and bolt together some absurdly heavy “I built that myself” frame just to have done it.

I’ve got a Nimbus freewheel hub and Nimbus cotter less cranks to go with it. I also have a cheap 26" pink Dartmoor Trixie rim. But you’d have two project then…building a wheel and learning to ride it. :grinning:

http://www.goudurix.com/us/ has a couple of qu-ax hubs, but I believe the ISIS ones are all 48 hole. They have about the cheapest (new) hub you can find. Then there’s the standard old nimbus hub for a few clams more. (http://www.compulsioncycles.com/)

Compulsion also has some cheaper Qu-Ax cranks, but look around, you can usually find those on sale for 10-15 bucks, though they are certainly not trials cranks.

cheap hubs are hard to find if you want the ISIS splined variety.

The best deal you can get on a hub is $30.00 for a UDC square taper. Cranks of a variety of qualities can be purchased but the united ones are only $15. It’s usually pretty hard to find used hubs.

Yes, I may end up going with budget new parts like that, or even picking up an entire beater of a unicycle on the local used market. Was just wondering if someone had a wheel they tacoed and replaced rather than rebuilt, or a project planned but never executed or something like that kicking around.