WTB Vulpine 29er

Has anyone used a WTB Vulpine 29er tyre?

I like the idea of a semi slick tyre, as it saves changing tyre so often on my KH29, but I am keen to know if anyone else has used this tyre.



That will be no then. :roll_eyes:

Has anyone used a semi slick before?


I asked about the Vulpine semi-recently in the 29er thread.
I was considering it for a while, but I eventually decided that I wanted a little more knobbiness and went for the Wolverine (sounds like an esoteric double entendre) instead.

I’m using a WTB Weirwolf 29 x 2.55 LT and loving it - centre tread seems to keep it stable on tracks and the side profiles give good grip on XC.
Also it’s a nice big size at 2.55.

at least one person said he/she likes the Vulpine in the following thread

Thanks for the replies, it is good to hear of someone using that tyre and getting good results.


Yes, I have a Vulpine 29er. I like it much better than the Schwalbe Big Apple that it replaced. It works fine for the light 29er trail riding that I do and it eliminated most of the road crown issues I had with the Big Apple.

I’m curious - which size (i.e. width) Big Apple were you running? I’d read, I think in posts by STM, that the 2.3 has much more road crown issues than the 2.0, so I went with the 2.0 and it seems OK.

I got on better with the 2.0 than the 2.3 as well.


I’m still riding a Big Apple 2.3 and still fighting it…hmmm maybe this Vulpine 29 is a better answer for a variety of riding. Let us know what you think!


The sidewall says 2.35.