WTB: Used Unicycle (26" or 24")...

At age 50 I’ve finally decided to make the leap from two wheels to
one! :wink: I’m a 6’1" fella with a 34" inseam, so I’m thinking that a
unicycle with a 26" (or 24") wheel would be a suitable fit. I’m
aimin’ to use the cycle for campus commuting, as well as for possible
short tours (once I acquire the requisite skills and confidence).
I’ve looked at some rather swellish new unicycles (commuter and
touring-type cycles) on-line, but I’m reluctant to slap down hundreds
of dollars on a spiffy new unicycle at this early stage in my
commitment to pedalin’ on one wheel. Please contact me if you know of
someone who’s eager sell a good quality unicycle, say one with either
a 26" or 24" wheel. I’m certainly eager to buy my first unicycle!
Thanks! --carl


If you’re looking for something to commute and ride around campus on try one of these in a 26" or 28" wheel size. They’re inexpensive and make for good transportation:


Re: WTB: Used Unicycle (26" or 24")…

if u could give an indication of your upper price limit and your location (by continent would help, city would be better)u might get more of a response

You can often find used unicycles on Ebay. I would recommend a Schwinn with cotterless cranks. There should be lots of those around. But for the price you pay, you could probably get a brand new Torker.

Black (Stealth) Torker all the way! I just rode 40 miles on mine!