WTB starter street/tricking Uni in Can

As the name states I’m looking for a good starter street/tricking uni (the cheaper the better : buyers mantra) I had intended on buying a Norco 20" heavy duty from a local bike shop for $170. But as it turns out the employee was wrong about costs, they have a generic heavy duty one for $170 and the norco was closer to $300. But I realised I think I’d more enjoy flat ground street riding and tricks than trials so I have switched my aim in Uni’s. Any and all models welcome, just has to be a solid starter uni (preferably with a nice seat)

Please feel free to Add me to msn or post back. Thanks!


i dont have anything to sel you but you should concider this uni http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=743:slight_smile:

That’s american funds right? and do they charge shipping or is that included? cause that doesn’t sound like too bad a deal. But aren’t they going to bust my ass for Duties? anyone in canada have experience buying from them?

Anyone know of anything competetive with that model?


UDC to ship to Canada will have nearly $100 CAD to ship across the border.

Holy Shite, well I guess thats outta the picture

I e-mails UDC when i wanted to buy my Qu-ax and they said it would be 80-100 for hsipping across the border.

Send Darren Bedford an email, he is in canada.

I phoned him today actually. I’m looking at his 20" lightduty trials uni with possibly a KH seat, might pick one up.

Tahts Bedford is a great uni…Mine was a beast for the 2 months that I had it…then it morphed and changed…Now its an even bigger beast…gte the Bedford Trials, its a great investment.

A guy in my photography class just informed me he’s got a Norco sitting in his garage that’s been collecting dust for a few years, so I have to look into that further aswell. Might be able to get it cheap, but I wonder if it’s a pre- Kris holm Norco uni… Depends on the year I suppose. I’ll take a look.

Picked it up today, oh for the love of god is it old. It’s gotta be a nearly 15 year old Unicycle (or older) but is indeed a Norco.It’s also a unicrown not a flat crown, but thats not much concern ATM. It’s a 24" (1.75) wheel by the look of it with what appears to be short-ish cranks and a seat I can only refer to as the NutBuster. the seat is black and white and almost completely U shaped with the back end being a tad higher then the front. i’m finding it very diffacult to ride and worry for the safety of my future children. It Chafes and when I’m done practicing I still feel as if I’m sitting on the seat, even when I’m just walking around or sitting down. Any thoughts or suggestions on what I can do to make it more comfortable before I buy a new Uni? I’d like to learn to ride on this one before investing in a Bedford.

Thoughts gladly welcomed…


-The NutBuster Haunts my Nightmares

The chaffing goes away as you become a better rider, its kinda like a initiations. :astonished:

The seat, I’m not to sure how to make it any more comfortable, I would just do what I did with my crappy seat, and deal with it, cause it was only the chafing that hurt, not my “future kids” as you put it.

Yeah I S’pose It’s more of an inner theigh chafing pain then a tenderness elsewhere, but I can’t believe how badly designed this seat is, I mean…I can’t even find a comprable picture online, it’s insane.
I guarentee it’s worse than a savage, and I hear they’re brutal

I think I’m definetly gonna have to post some pictures… She’s one ugly ass old Uni, thats for sure.


-The NutBuster Lies in waiting.

I’ve been riding for 2 years (on a KH saddle) and I’ve always had chaffing.


Maybe it’s a curse?

ill sell you a torker splined 20" for 200 cdn ( no seat and no pedals) well there is but there shitty, wheel set is fine