WTB: Schwinn seatpost


A new rider in my town has an 80s-vintage Schwinn 24 (it even still has the blue tire!), but the seat’s a little too low. Anybody have a longish Schwinn post (with all those adjustment drillings) gathering dust, and want to help out a newbie? I’ll pass along any offers to Ted, the new rider.


Hey Peter, just joined up with the forum… was about to post that very request for my vintage schwinn, only to find you’ve already done so- thanks!

The search is still on for that longer seatpost (I believe the longer version is about 14")… if anyone has such an unused item sitting in a box of misc. please PM and I’ll be happy to pay for shipping plus a minor seperation anxiety fee.


I am also looking for the long Schwinn seat post. Are there any after-market sellers? Anybody ever find one??


  • 14" seatpost available for $14 -plus shipping, which is probably the same.

I had hopes that someone might have one collecting dust… but there seems to be no one. Though I’ll continue to hold my breath - still looking if anyones got one.