WTB parts for a 24 muni

I’m looking to put together a 24 inch muni. Does anyone have any parts lying around that you’d be willing to sell. I need a frame, seat post, hub, and cranks. thanks.

I have a Surly conundrum frame, I’ll let it go for $115 plus shipping. It’s in awesome shape. I also have a seat post that I can throw in with it. I am 5’9" and it’s cut for me with 150mm cranks. If you’re not too much taller, it should work.

Your part list is nearly a complete uni, why not just buy a complete?

If you’re interested, my son’s custom KH 24 could be for sale. The frame and hub were powdered coated dark purple, running Koxx 160 cranks, 2007 KH rim, 2007 KH frame, Intense DH 3.0 tire, KH adj seat post, KH Freeride seat, Magura brake, colors are purple, black, and red. Nice uni, not abused.

I got my 07 torker dx for sale also Needs bearings tho

That’s true, you’ll probably spend less buying a complete uni. If you want the experience of gathering all the parts, building the wheel and putting it all together… it’ll cost more than a complete uni :slight_smile:

I know, I’ve done it 4 times now :smiley:

Im not buying a complete uni because I dont have enough money for the whole thing and i already have all the other parts just laying around so i figured id try and make another ride for myself. thanks for the offers though. nurse ben, just wondering how much for your son’s unicycle? and tirving, i already did that twice too, but i ended up saving money by reusing parts like im doing now.