WTB new KH seat post w/no scratches

ne1 got an extra one there willing to sell?

I know this isn’t what you are asking for but I read your other thread where you said you broke your KH seatpost. What you want is a CrMO post such as this: http://unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1020

The alloy KH post isn’t built to withstand the abuse of trials and you will just end up breaking it again.

sorry to threadjack but what is CrMO?

Its a type of steel, I can’t get too specific about it but the CrMO post is significantly stronger than the aluminum alloy and steel posts of similar design though its also a lot heavier.

Yea get the udc cromo seatpost if you get the same one you will just break it again. The cromo post is maybe twice as heavy but you will get used to it and you shoulnt break it. Its dam strong, alot more so than the kh aluminium one and the reinforced kh aluminium one, and its even slightly cheaper.

my kh post doesn’t have any scratches!
i don’t think… but it is cut off, and cracked…

I have a nice bare reinforced aluminuim KH seat post, looks realy nice, brushed aluminium finish. Half the plate broke off but Im sure that doesnt matter, still looks nice, I think it does anyway. PM me if you want it :smiley: