WTB: longneck frame

I tried Bedford but he said he couldnt get me one. I dont want to use a short crown frame though.

So I need a longneck 20" frame. If it matters I have a 32" inseam

go for a nimbus. :wink:

I’m guessing you want this for trials? this one supposedly fits a trials tire.

i would but I cant find one. I dont really care what brand

O, and I will find out what the diameter of my seat post is incase someone has one.

nope I actually want it for freestyle

this one is a little bit nicer but more expensive. this one is the one I already linked to and is still a good frame. first one you need a 22.2mm seatpost, second one you need a 25.4mm seatpost.

ya but i didnt really wanna order from UDC - I was hoping that Bedford could pick me up one at NAUCC, but he said semecycle didnt have any and wouldnt for a while.

No, it doesn’t. Not even close.

OK so am I assuming that no one has a frame?

Glad I found out that was wrong.

The Nimbus II longneck will fit a trials wheel, that Nimbus X however will not, I’ve tried it.

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