WTB kh wheel set

Im looking for a kh wheel give me what year it is and how much you want for it…

For the stuff you do, You want a '04 KH.

I don’t have one to sell but what size do you want? I really hope you say 24" because you just sold your profile trials and that was better.

nope I want a 20 cauz I love 20s and profile is gay.

Gay as in too heavy? Kh '04 isn’t much lighter. Plus no crank replacment.

profiles crank replacement sucks trust me… and I want 127 cranks… I had to buy new cranks twice dawg

If you can bend/break profiles, you will kill kh SO FAST. Unless you get '04, which only comes in 140 and 170.

Buy Koxx One cranks.
So strong and light.
Beter then KH’s


I think it’s funny that '04 KH’s are now considered the strongest. I have that wonderful custom Summit still for sale with a denubbed '03 KH on it, but I’m not separating the frame and wheelset.