WTB: KH 07 moment hub

moment hub.
broke mine.
need new one.
sentence fragments.
am sad.
quote price.

You broke your moment hub? Or you broke your hub and want a moment?

cause I doubt you will get one cheaper than UDC or bedford, for 60 USD or whatever it is…

i bent my moment…need a new one

If you started your thread in RSU before this one you would have learned you prolly didint need this thread. If infact you want to buy a new moment hub your best bet would be to look for a brand new one through a distributor. However since you “Want To Buy” one I could unlace mine and sell it for …say 75 USD?

Id be supprised if someones got one they dont want and are willing to give it up for less the MSRP.

yep…from what I’ve seen I dont really need to replace it. I’m used to working with my bigger 36" and distance riding. This is the first muni/trials cycle I’ve owned and I suppose all is well if its sound. I’m so used to replacing things that are slightly off with the distance cycles I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Picky distance riders…wink wink jk

distance: its bent…replace it

trials: its bent…hit it with a hammer

thread closed…problem solved.