WTB: Flat-crown 20" frame

I’m looking for a flat-crown 20" frame. It can be a Torker, Semcycle XL, or whatever, as long as it’s straight. Reply here or email me at centromachetes at attbi dot com .


go to semcycle.com a new frame will run you less than 40 with shipping

Torker frames are available at unicycle.com


for $30. They also carry Semcycle frames.

I’ll end up buying one there if I can’t find a really cheap used one. I’m going for the bargain-basement ghetto freestyle uni project, so if I can find a slightly aesthetically worn but structurally sound used frame that I can paint in funky colors, all the better.

Thanks for the info. :smiley:


Where? I’ve been to there website and can’t find it.

I can see it now: slightly lowered suspension, spare wheel across the front, brightly coloured flowers and ‘Peace and Love’ painted on the side, and 17 of you cruising around California on it, living in a tepee.