WTB Fat Tire Uni

Looking for a Fat Tire Uni - 26 x 4+

Lets see what you got, would love a Triton but I know I can’t afford one so you can probably leave those out.

i’m about to put my custom titanium muni 26 (usa made) up for sale. only running a 2.65 tire now but could possibly accommodate 4+.

Not opposed to checking it out but looking to run a 4" to 5" tire. I ride a fat bike and want to use the same tires summer and winter on my uni.

Somebody has to have something. I hate buying new, it’s kind of a recycling thing…and that whole first scratch thing.

Have a look at http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/ you might find something interesting.

No one will sell fatties yet, it’s the new thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

see my dirt uni ti posted sunday? just measured 5/16" available width on either side of current 26 x 2.65 tire (to frame forks); and 1/2" above (to crown). to give you an idea of what tires would fit here.

Rod, What section do people usually post Uni’s under on Pinkbike? I have never been on there.

Jaco, That’s what I am afraid of. Saw a few when I had no money, know go figure.

Icdb, I did see that, not quite what I am after.

Sorry. I thought you were looking for fat tire. Uni are pretty rare on pinkbike and you will surely not find a fat tire uni there.

Your best bet is to go for a Nimbus Oregon: easy to find new and affordable. From there, nothing prevents you from upgrading it when you have more $$$ and you really like how it rides :slight_smile:

SID - that is kind of my plan, would love to find a Surly though, it would match my daily commuter.

As a side note, I checked UDC’s website last night and they don’t list the Oregon anymore. Anyone know anything about this? Nimbus doing a redesign? Stop production?

It’s still there: Nimbus Hatchet 26" Mountain Unicycle | Unicycle.com
but it says “Out of stock.” Maybe if you email them they might tell you when they expect them to be back in stock.

I am seeing some Surly Conundrum frame 26in poping out here and there these days (Craigslist, eBay…) so if you are really wanting a Surly ride, you can manage to secure a frame and build a wheelset (the Large Marge in 26in is still easy to find).

Have fun and don’t forget the pics when you are having it :wink:

Funny, the Oregon was not even listed a couple of days ago.

My current debate is wether or not to wait for a Surly or get the Oregon ASAP and ride. :slight_smile: If a Surly would pop up it would be a done deal.

I have a 26" surly conundrum NOS frame with all the shims for seat post and bearings plus the seat post
Champagne color
$399 plus shipping
And I also have a large marge rim
$185 plus shipping

Oregon is now available

As of Feb. 12 Oregons are now in stock at UDC US: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/mountain-unicycle/nimbus-oregon-26-unicycle.html

Joe at Compulsion Cycles is here in Minnesota, and could sell you an Oregon frame. I just bought a frame and Nimbus hub, and had the (even more local) fat bike shop build a wheel. Got it Wednesday and I’ve been out on it twice already. You can shop and worry, or you can go ride. I pick ride! If you’re near the twin cities, you’re welcome to try mine. I put a 26x4 45NRTH Dillinger studded tire on a Surly Rolling Daryl rim for icy winter riding. It’s delightful, even if the weather is frightful.

Wheelcrazy - thinking on your stuff.

I did see that Compulsion had the frames and I also saw that UDC had stock again. Thought I had things sorted out, now still on the fence.