WTB: commuting unicycle

I’m looking for a road unicycle in fairly good condition for commuting to and from school. Hopefully something in 24 inch and bigger range.

Let me know what you’ve got!


Where are you located? I’ve a qu-ax 29" that i’m thinking of letting off so I can get a 36.

i’m in nova scotia…where abouts are you?

I don’t have anything but if your only using it to go to and from school then I’d recommend a Sun unicycle. It’s what I use to get to school besause I wouldn’t trust some people with my nice uni in the bike locks. They are either 26 or 28" and they are very inexpensive. The 26" is $110 and the 28" is $115 brand new. If anything happens to them they are very cheap to fix and I’ve even taken my 26" off 2 foot drops on my commute to school (although I wouldn’ recommend it, lol).

They’re both here:


Eeps, I’m in Singapore.

Australia would have been a possibility to ship. Good luck on that search!