WTB: Cheap used hub or hub/cranks

I need a cheap square taper crank setup. Short cranks only…125 or lower please. Wanna build up to a 700c wheel to make a distance uni. Don’t need anything too fancy though. Let me know whatcha got.

I’ve got an new/unused hub. Not sure what brand it is. 36 hole. I’ll post pics tommorrow.

How much of the wheelset do you have that your building? I’ve got a nice built up 700c wheel that I could part with.

Salsa Delgato-X rim 36 hole.
DT Swiss 14/15 spokes
UDC hub
Bicycle Euro 150s

(2)Michelin Kevlar belted tires
(1) brand new red Kenda Cross 700x38

I have nothing. But I figure I can get some rim locally for cheap and save shipping…I’m trying to build this up CHEAP for now just so I have something to ride. PM me your asking price for the wheel.

Here’s the hub. It’s brand new. 870mm flange to flange. 125mm center to center on the bearings. 40mm bearings. $20 will put it on your door step.

870 mm? that picture really doesn’t do it justice.