WTB: Cheap maggies or magura to v-brake adaptor

I recently purchased a coker. Those of you who pay attention know who from. (Coker at moab feeler - btw it’s a standard coker rim, regular width hub shimmed to a double-wide frame with magura mounts, and 127mm cranks - to answer the guesses in that thread)

Anyways, I live on a long steep hill and would like to use this for commuting. Thus, I am looking for CHEAP used maggies (like, criminally cheap) and/or a magura to v-brake adapter that one of you folks might want to sell me. It seems all the commercial versions I’ve found are in Europe - so if I could get something cheap with domestic shipping that would help me save some cheddar.

I plan on upgrading this coker VERY slowly over the years as dispensable money comes to me - but for now I’d settle for any braking solution that is cheap and doesn’t involve me drilling holes in the frame. I didn’t have the money to buy the thing in the first place :slight_smile: (but when has that stopped any of us?)

might sounds obvious but have you tried ebay? I’ve obtained two working pairs from there in the last few years for £12 each

I didn’t see anything last night. I’ll keep looking.

Go to observedtrials.net and make a thread, they should have what you want. There are always maggies for sale for cheap there. You also might be able to get an adapter, a fair amount run v’s on their trials bikes.

but whatever you do, don’t say it’s for a unicycle.

Too late for that. I’ve already have a guy try to sell me heavily used adapters for $40 that I can buy new for $36. sigh

Hopefully he’s the exception.

How well do brakes work on a standard coker rim? My experiences with bike rim brakes and steel rims hasn’t been positive.

Someone else was mentioning to me that it wouldn’t work well in the rain. I can’t afford a new wheel build so I guess I’m going to find out for y’all. (assuming I ever find brakes)

I know you don’t want to drill, but that would make this a whole lot easier. $14 for a good brake and all you have to do to install it is just drill a hole. Just search around, many people use/have used this brake set up and it’s served them fine.

I wasint trying to rip you off and they are barely used. not a scratch on them

Well don’t I have a red face and a foot in my mouth. Sometimes I assume too much when on strange forums. Someone tries to rip you off once (not here or on that forum) and now I’m always looking for it, I guess. I just haven’t found them that expensive new, anywhere - but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t that much new originally. The picture didn’t do them justice, either, hence my “heavily used” statement. My apologies, I should have kept my suspicions to myself and assumed the best, not the worst.

To my credit, someone asking $40 for a $36 new part would raise most people’s alarm bells. I guess the price must have dropped from whenever those were originally purchased.

how’s it treating you so far seager?
How would it be bad in the rain? does it have to do with the rim being made of steel (that’s the only thing i could see)?

Yea, someone else was mentioning that the steal rim wouldn’t work well with standard brake pads. I’m not too worried though, I’m going to try anyway if I can ever find some cheap enough. Cheap maggies will come along eventually.

I took it for it’s first long ride today (only about 4 miles). I had to throw a longer seatpost on it for it to fit me. It’s nice, lots of fun! I’ll be throwing an airseat on it using spare parts I’ve got and hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on a GB4 handle in May. I’ll be using it as my commuter on Wednesdays since my job starts an hour later on those days. Most days I bike ~9 miles to work, now on Wednesdays I get to coker it! (I’d coker everyday but I can’t convince myself that getting up an hour earlier is worth it. I push 25mph+ on my bike ride, if I can get half that on the coker I’ll be happy)

I figured you’d need a longer seatpost but i didn’t have one to include with it.
(i was shorter than i am now when i bought it you see… :P)

I never added brakes to it either, so i wouldn’t know.

Seager, check your PMs from a couple days ago.

Hey, you bought my old Coker!

Maybe usethis?

Peter M

I think that was probably me. Leather faced blocks work best on chromed steel rims, which are still possible to find for caliper brakes, but not for maggies. You’ll be OK with rubber blocks in the dry, but they really are pretty hopeless in the wet on chrome.