WTB: Carbon Saddle

I just received my first set-up in years of a hiatus after shipping delays, a lengthy time to get to my locale, and some customs issues. It’s a mad4one custom uni, and I purchased it equipped with a handle saddle. The issue being that the first time I took it for a ride everything was going great, the saddle was surprisingly comfortable and added an interesting dichotomy of control and potential for oddball manipulation in the area of flatland which I was excited to explore. Then I tried a couple of little short hops and to my great dismay and devastation the front two threads pulled right out of the saddle.

Marco (founder of mad4one) ensured to me that the issue would be resolved tomorrow, but that probably means another ungodly lengthy wait.

I was hoping somebody in North America could sell me a decent carbon saddle at a not-too-breaking-the-bank price with some expedited shipping so I don’t miss the better part of this season due to all of the misfortunate events and delays on having my set-up proper and in riding condition.

Muchly appreciated in advance.

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Do you have any photos of this issues?

Actually found a solution. It was just devastating how it happened after the long wait first time on it, lol

Having seen the pictures, it would be worthwhile putting them up here for others to see, and also whatever Mad4One’s response and your solution is in the end.

Thread coil insert pulled out of front two female screw receivers. Looking to fix it and was considering rivet nuts, which seem like a solid solution gives the parameters.

Perhaps this threads OP should be edited and the thread moved…

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