Wtb Any Trials Frame

title says all… I need a trials frame… hit me with the frame and price…

Iv got a bedford frame i may part with…50+ship.

A new bedford is 55, thats a pretty crappy deal man and I know max will prolly tear your head off for even offering it so allow me to say so first :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe… owned

2005/06 kh frame. a few scratches. $ 150 australian + shipping and its all yours.

man when i read your posts i keep on getting my hopes up until i remember that you already sold it and just posted that you were selling it every where.:frowning:

I have a 2003 KH trials frame, cromoly super strong. yours for 75 plus shipping. it’s black… and has 42MM bearing housings.

does that take a 27.2 seatpost ?

Yeah, it does.

yep it takes 27.2 seat post PM me if your interested.