WTB 29" wheelset

WTB 29" wheel set w/KH hub and cranks. Anyone have an extra 29er wheelset they’d like to sell me for my birthday? Preferable moment hub/crank but i’d go KH/Onza if it were out there. Thanks

You should put [Wanted] in the thread title so that people will know you are buying, and not selling. The first phrase of your post also makes it sound like you have one to sell.

I have a KH/Onza one that I’ve been thinking about selling. It’s the stock wheel off of my KH29 that I’ve replaced with a KH-Schlumpf wheel. I can sell it with 150mm or 165mm cranks. PM me if you’re interested.

WTB = Wanted To Buy

WTB is also the name of the company that makes a lot of the 29er tires.