Wtb: 28" Ultimate Wheel

Post a pic of what you have. I’m only interested in a 28" as I plan to use it off road :smiley:

I have PayPal burning a hole in my pocket, so …

Are you for real? if you are and can do it you are my new hero!

Well I certainly ain’t buying one to use as a wall hanging!


It’s a bedford bc wheel, THe tire is blue, I dont no if its a 28"
so make me offers


Hey Simoniz, that’s a BC wheel, I’m looking for a 28" Ultimate Wheel.


I built one that I’d be willing to sell you for a very nominal price but I don’t think it’s 28" and it would probably not hold up to any muni

Well, it’s the same thing;)

Thanks guys, but I’m looking for the real deal, a 28" (700c) ultimate wheel. I could buy one new, but used is cheaper :slight_smile:

still looking…anyone?

Wow, whadya know. I just took the 24 off my learner for the same purpose. If people think riding a uni on the trails is amazing, what till they see this.

Just gotta learn to ride it… :roll_eyes:

I punctured my tube the first time I took my 24" ultimate wheel off road and haven’t been back on the trail since. Are you looking at the Nimbus line? The 28" model strikes me as significantly narrower than the 24" one. What tire are you going to put on it? Good luck!

find one?

Well, first I’m going to learn the stock “narrow” tire, then if it works out I’ll run a 29er MTB tire. I need to see if it’s even doable, but my goal is to ride single track so something like a RR 2.4 or an Ardent 2.4, but it may end up that a narrower tire is better, so a 1.9-2" low tread knobby.

I’m geeting close to buying one new, just because they are so rare…