WTB 24" or parts for 24"

Looking to buy a 24" uni, muni, or looking to purchase parts for one. Need the works, frame and wheelset are most important. Post what you got and I’ll take a look.

I will probably have a KH24 frame and rim for sale in a couple weeks. If you are still looking then give me a shout.

Upsizing my Schlumpf.

would you be willing to sell the frame before then?

I would but I am traveling at the moment. Soonest I can do is the 15th.

how much for the frame?

Its an older frame (not sure which year, 08 maybe) and It has pretty good clearance. I want to check which 26" tires fit in it before I really decide to sell. If I do I would really rather sell it with the rim.

Not sure if he has any left but I would give Darren Bedford a call. He runs Bedford Unicycles in Toronto. He was selling new 2007 KH24 frames for $125.
His phone number is 416-729-9696