Wrong Uni! Should I ride it?

UDC sent us the wrong unicycle for christmas. Instead of a Torker DX, they gave us a Nimbus trials. This is like an eighty dollar price difference. We sent them an email (no reply yet) but I really want to ride it anyways because either way, it is a big improvement from my current unicycle. So here is my question to you: should I ride it or not? I am afraid that they will not accept it or make us pay a fee if it has even a little bit of wear on it. Has anyone been in a similar situation?

they will. don’t ride it if you want to exchange it back for your correct order of a dx. i know it might be tough but perservere my friend, perservere. they might also be out of dx’s at the moment, because it is no longer listed on their site. hope this helps.

Pay the extra if you have to but don’t exchange it.

edit: can you show us which uni you got? like a link to udc.

Which is more expensive, the DX? If your ride the uni then you accept the deal, you may have some serious problems exchanging it afterwards. Wait it out.

if it looks like this, KEEP IT!!!

otherwise, get the DX its better!!

the crank in that picture is bent!

If they sent me Profiles instead, I wouldn’t tell them.

Hey, sorry man, I got one of the last 4 DX’s they had for Christmas. But hey, I’m sure they will be getting more in soon. Here is the thing, you have a square taper hub right now, which isn’t near as strong as the splined axle the DX’s have. I would suggest calling them and asking them if you can ride it till they get some DX’s in. They have a showroom where they have demo’s for people to try, and when I was there a week ago, they didn’t have a rounded frame (like the one pictured earlier) in there, so the might accept it back and use it for that so they don’t have to open another one later on.

Ride that thing!

Then complain to us when they refuse to take it back.

A better question might be has anyone NOT been in a similar situation. The stories of UDC’s screwed up orders are legendary. Yeah I know, they’re always nice and they always make it right blah blah blah. But it would be nice to see them Get It Right First, instead of Make It Right Later.

Just my view, but I don’t see why their incompetence should ruin your Christmas. Ride what they sent you, and expect that they better take it back if it isn’t what you ordered and want. If you haven’t ridden it yet, have your parent(s) call them Tuesday morning and raise a complaint. What SHOULD happen is UDC should immediately ship you the unicycle you ordered, while allowing you to keep and ride the unicycle they sent you that you didn’t order, then have you send that first one back at their expense once your new one arrives and has been confirmed to be not screwed up in some way. Then once they get their new “demo” unicycle back, they can hang it up in the shipping area with a big sign attached to it that says “HAVE YOU TRIPLE CHECKED EVERYTHING BEFORE SHIPPING THE ORDER?”

Oh, I see now you said you have the square framed unicycle, Chrome Frame right? It has the Nimbus II frame? They did have one of those built, so they won’t need a demo. Keep it in the box and call them as soon as you can. I’ve met them personally and they are very nice people. I’m sure it was just a missunderstanding and they will work with you. Just give them a call within the next few days and see if they are there.

I just found this link, pointed out in a discussion online: http://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/fraud/merch.htm

This means that, at least in the US, unicycle.com cannot demand it back - it’s yours to keep for free, if you decide to keep it. It also means that they are still required to send you what you ordered, or give you a refund without taking back what they sent you. Stories of this have been posted online, some searching on google should turn one up.

I’m not advocating keeping it, but that is the law, and its up to you to decide what to do. If you still have it, I say keep it until you get your DX, and ride what you got if you don’t want to wait. Make them pay for shipping back after you do get your DX.

I think that’s only for gifts. Sending the guy a unicycle wasn’t completely spontaneous, it was an error in the order and wasn’t a gift. Nevemind ah?

Come on Unicycle.com! Keep up :wink:

Nope, I saw it applied to an ebay seller who confused two items, so both people got their money back and one got a very expensive item, which he didn’t order, for free.

Do you know which nimbus trials it is? Cause there’s like three, ain’t there? Cause if it’s splined keep it dude.

It is the (relatively) cheap $180 dollar unicycle. That is pretty neat about being able to keep the nimbus. If I had known that, I would have ridden it just about every day. However, that nimbus is sitting at my moms house, and my mom just happens to be several hundred miles away at the moment. I will end up sending the thing back if they ask me to, but if not, a free spare unicycle is always nice. :sunglasses: Thanks for all the replies, guys.