Writer's block; please help.

It’s 1:00 in the morning. I have to type 1816 words before 11:00 tommorow morning for a writing intensive humanities class. The lucky thing is that the paper is on creativeness/idea generation. I chose to do it on unicycling. However I’m stumped as to getting this started or where I should go with this paper. All suggestions this evening welcome. If nothing comes from the forum, then I have a 750ml bottle of Sky Vodka and I’m going to start drinking myself into ideas. Thanks for your time.

1816 words and you dont even have a Title :astonished: you better take 3 quick shots my friend…

Why 1816 words? What’s significant about this number?

come on get those shots down.(its SKYY with two Y’s by the way)

hmmmm…?? must be passed out…eh?

you got to take part in the uni.5,theres a mini series right there.

It’s for a writing intensive class. Minimum word requirement for the semester is 6000. I have 1816 words to go. I’ve already started and have around 400 words nicked out of that block. I chose to write from a beer bottle’s perspective at a club. I’ll definately tie in unicycling and quite possibly the uni.5
I was thinking the catch at the end would be this. A guy named Greg walks into the club, orders 8-9 beers, and I’m the last beer he drinks. He then goes outside, mounts his uni.5 for the ride home, gets sick and throws me up. The irony in the story is that he had 8-9 root beers.

Re: your last post


It’s coffee time. Cap the vodka, it has reached its creative pinnacle.

nah nah,sprinkle the Vodka into the coffee…

The only cap is followed by 'tain Morgan.

OK, you’re back on a roll. Just don’t spill any on your paper. Alcohol is an excellent ink solvent.

Good call Harper!
Guy gets girls number, spills vodka on it. Ink disappears, number is gone!

no props for me?oh well.

You can have props too if you must.

Re: Writer’s block; please help.

I see you’ve had plenty of good advice already but…

Given that the paper is about creativeness, perhaps you
could discuss the problems that exist in being creative. It
would seem that you are having some of those ;-). Then solve
the problem (on paper) with a little muni to clear your mind…

Are those word counts really so precise? I always figured the
given number was an indication only - someone who grades on
numerical statisitics is a poor teacher IMNSHO.

[Sorry if time zones mean I missed the boat on this]

Arnold the Aardvark