I’ve seen lots of people with wristguards, but they all seem pretty big
solid ones, cover lots of your arm and hand, make it hard to hold things,
are hot in summer etc. Anyway, my mate has has some skate wristguards
which are very small and best of all, allow you to grip things, such as a
hockey stick, without compromising too much. They have a hinge on the
wrist which allows you to close your hand, but locks out to stop you
opening it too far. There’s a pad on the palm to stop you hurting your
hand on a fall which is nice too, no more scraped palms.

Had a look, what he has are http://www.roces.com/mainaccessori.htm
Roces biomex wristguards. Good wrist protection, palm protection in
just the place you land, but no finger protection (I’ve fallen off
zillions of times and never hit my fingers though so I don’t feel it
that much of a problem).