Wrist soreness

I’ve been doing more hops and technical stuff lately, and I’ve began to develop sore wrists…is this a side of something bad, or is it normal?
and, if it is normal, will my wrists jsut get stronger eventually? Or will I just have to keep taking a fews days off from hopping and let my wrists rest?

you’re probably fine, especially at 15. can you tell if it’s more in the muscle or more in the joint. make sure you’re not putting too much stress on it by using correct form and such. you haven’t fallen on it in weird way or anything have you?

I think its the joint…like, the first time, it got so bad i couldnt use that wrist to squeeze shampoo out of the bottle…I eased upa lot after that…
I think I’m using correct form…what exactly IS correct form? I havent fallen on either wrist
I gotta go now, class is almost over…I’ll check back in tonight

I hope it gets better, I got a trials uni a few weeks ago, and spent an hour or so about 2 weeks ago trying to get 180 unispins on it. I can do a uni spin, but the other unis I had done it on were lighter or something. Finally got it. 2 days later I tried again, and got shooting pain in my right wrist. I waited a week, and I managed about 2 spins before the pain was too much. Hope I can ride soon so the wrist strengthens…

That might explain why you fell off… probably best to stay off that before riding :wink:

I never fell…

It’s probably just an overuse injury. As your technique improves, you will need less muscle in your hops, and your wrist will also get stronger, but you might want to specifically do strengthening exercises also, like one of those hand grippy things, or wrist curls with small weights.

From my experience, soreness such you have described are the result of over-use AND misuse.

If you are really out of shape of course there will be some soreness. However, I think that it might be more likely a result of misuse. When I am trying to learn something new I tend to over-grip, far tighter than makes sense. As you become more comfortable and relaxed you will naturally loosen that death-grip. My wrists used to just ache and ache! Too, I used to have blisters and bruises as a result. Relax. Give yourself a couple of days to recover and then pay attention to not mis-spending energy. Lighten up on your body. When you watch the masters on various videos you see smooth and relaxed moves but, too, you can see them applying just enough force or grip to get the job done.

I don’t mean this in a bragging way, but i consider myself in good shape…I’m on swim team…I think it is just misuse/overuse though…
Question: Do wrist guards help with wrist soreness? LIke after I’m ‘healed’, wold wearing wrist guards (like the 661’s at unicyclist.com) help to prevent that?

Wrist guards would help reduce soreness caused by impacts, but not by use. They’re a good idea, though, as wrist soreness from a single impact can be bothersome for a long time.

Sorry… it was a joke… wasn’t supposed to be helpful :o

Oh but it was, I have a whole Wednesday to get thru here…

Back to the wrist thing, I hurt my right wrist, the one grabbing the front of the seat, while learning to freemount my raffie. It got so bad that I had to stop doing it for a while. A bad fall trying to ride down stairs and a couple of rock climbing-related wrist injuries didn’t make it any better. I always figured it was just overuse.