Wrist sore from hopping

I’ve been unicycling more than usual recently, and my wrist is hurting from all the hopping. Are there any ways to prevent this?

I’ve never practiced hopping seriously, but I know a thing or two about wrists. The general tendency for practicing [anything] is to go until it hurts, and then rest until it feels better. Try to pre-empt any wrist pain and stop before it starts to hurt, or spread your practice out over a day instead of doing it all in one go.

Another thing is to watch your wrist position. My guess is you have a moderate to significant amount of ulna deviation when you grab the seat, demonstrated in this photo by our beloved 80’s music icon

You want to avoid this as much as possible. If it’s unavoidable, then you want to learn to revert to a not-deviated position as quickly as possible as muscle memory. The less time spent with your wrists bent inward, the better.

Okay thanks so much for the help!