Wrist pads?

I have some roller blading wrist pads lying around in the basement. I wonder if I should be wearing them? They have the plastic ‘mound’ underneath…is this the only type of wrist pad? Would this interfere with grabbing under the saddle at all? Do people wear wrist pads wilest uni-borne?

I wear mine a lot. I don’t have a problem with seat grabs or anything like that. In fact I think they help a little by keeping my hand and arm straight instead of bending my wrist too much. try 'em and see.

one word- harbinger.
-david kaplan

one word - huh?
-Brian MacKenzie


I won’t ride without wrist protection, and have not had any problem with seat grabs. The Harbinger 110G’s will let you take a fall on the wrist at 14 mph off a Coker- you may hurt elseware, but not in the wrist or palm.

Saturday I was a bit lazy and thought I might do some casual riding without any protection. Of coarse I botched the dismount when ridding backward, and took part of the fall on my unprotected wrists. Luckly, no lasting damage. I put on the Harbingers. My only hesitation in giving them my highest recommendation is that the dye used on the leather is not set properly and will leach and stain your skin- if you sweat (and who does not?). The kind folks at Harbinger refuse to say what the dye is, or to provide a material safty data sheet on the dye- not reasuring when you have black stained skin!

You can find the guards here:



Baby. The dye isnt going to hurt you, although the people who see your goofy black hands might call you names. Words sometimes hurt more than black dye:(
-David Kaplan

Just as long as they don’t call me ‘that guy who died from liver failure from all that lovely dye that leached into his blood stream’.