Wrist Hurts - Tips on correcting hop techniques

So I finally am able to quickly ride up to curbs, even some high ones, and hop up onto the sidewalk without pausing. I use to ride up to one and pause and bunny hop a few times and then hop up the curb. Surprisingly, I thought that would give me higher jumps but quickly riding up and pushing down and hopping actually gave me better height without having to do the lame hopping in place.

Well, after finding out that I could do that and how fun it was, I got overzealous and right after getting it down successfully, went all over town riding up to curbs and hopping up them on my 26 oracle. My left wrist which I hold the handle and pull up has been messed up for the last two days. It hurts when I lift or pull stuff, hurts when I move it side to side, but not up and down. I used this occasion to practice with my other hand, even a bad thing can become a not so bad thing.

Getting To The Main Question:
I’ve been bunny hopping around quite a bit before this (I’ve gotten pretty good with basic bunny hopping) and my wrist has never hurt this much. However, for awhile, my middle and index finger has been a bit sore and stiff, some days barely noticeable than others.

When I do hops onto obstacles, to get good height (seat-in), am I not suppose to pull relatively hard on the handle along with getting a good wheel bounce? I googled wrist pain for unicycling and some people say that I just need to pull up just enough to keep the traction on the pedals but it sorta still feels like I need that extra pull up on the handle to clear the obstacle.

As decent as I am with the basic bunny hopping, I’m still unable to ride forward up to a curb and hop up. Seems like when I try to do that, I just end up hopping up instead of forward and up :stuck_out_tongue: . It just feels like I have to ride really fast to actually have enough forward momentum to clear the curb, but I’ve seen videos where people just ride up, pause, jump, obstacle cleared. Surprisingly, I can hop up and backwards, tried to apply the same technique but forward and ended up feeling really awkward like I’m more to falling forward than anything. Other than “keep practicing” which I’m doing, any tips?


How important of a role do tires play into how high you can jump? Or is it just plain o’ good techniques? I have a Holy Roller 2.2 and am tempted to go back to my fatter hookworm tire, but not sure if it’s worth it(which I originally abandoned because I was new and the tire weight was hard on my legs since I do tend to idle a lot among other stuff that requires shifting the wheel back and forth quickly).