wrist guards

What are the best wrist guards out there for riding??

kh pulse gloves.

I use Harbingers

These have no fingers, yet offer excellent palm sliding protection. It depends a bit on where you ride. In an extremely hot place, wearing a sweaty glove would be a pain.

It depends on what kind of support you’re looking for. KH Pulse gloves will give you some wrist support (on good authority from a friend who uses them), they are full fingered so will save your fingers from scrapes and the likes.

I’m currently using some rollerblading/in-line skating wrist guards due to a nasty fall I had a couple of weeks ago which resulted in a rather painful sprain which I am still nursing. They provide a lot more support and have the extra protection around the wrist in case of a fall.

Once my wrist heals however I will probably get myself some KH Pulse gloves. Then also learn to tuck and roll better during a UPD gone bad :slight_smile:

My favourites are Harbinger wrist guards when I am on my 36er. They have saved me from a number of nasty accidents.

They comprise a fingerless glove with a long wide wrist wrap and a plastic splint across the palm and wrist which offers good protection when you fall.

The problem is that they no longer make them so if anyone can offer any alternatives it would be much appreciated. I have tried the KH pulse gloves and they don’t feel like they offer half the protection of the harbingers and in a fall whilst riding fast on a 36 you want as much protection as you can get.

Hope that helps in some way


i go for TSG professional wirst guards, they have a large exposed plastic splint under the wrist which allows your hands to slide along the road without injury. They come up to the knuckles rather than first jiont like the harbingers, so are cooler and go on and off more easily.

thank you for your thoughts on differnet guards. Any one elso out there have any ones that they really like.

I use KH pulse gloves for everything but think that the rolerblading wrist guards like the harbringers would be better for MUni or other riding where you are likely to take a awkward fall onto a unpredictable surface.

The KH gloves are comfortable, offer better mobility and allow you to hold a touring handle comfortably but do not offer as much protection as the gloves with the hard palm splint.

six six one wrist strap

I use KH Pulse gloves when the weather is cool, but when it’s warmer out I use the six six one wrist strap. You can wear it with no gloves or over a light weight glove like the army surplus wool gloves. It is not super stiff like a roller blade wrist guard, but still keeps your wrist from kinking too bad when you fall.

I have broken my wrist twice and sprained twice. All times were without my harbingers. I would definitely go with harbingers.

I love my kh gloves.It does offer good wrist support and the gel pad in the palm is great for hard falls onto the hands.The only time Ive hurt myself is when I wasnt wearing them!

haha wrist gaurds lol

I use Pro-Design wrist guards over lightweight MTB gloves. The wrist guards are like the Harbingers, I suspect–they have very strong, sturdy plastic splints on top and bottom. What I like about these is that they’re very adjustable; you can even adjust the size of the hole you stick your thumb through. I have pretty big hands, and these are the first set I’ve had that don’t hurt my thumbs.

As someone who has broken a wrist from a muni UPD, I won’t go back to the Pulse gloves as they don’t provide enough protection for me.


Sorry to hear that. Out of interest, were you wearing pulse gloves when you broke your wrist?

No, I wasn’t. I’d left them at home, and decided to ride anyway. Stupid. But I’m pretty sure that the result would have been the same, as I really slammed the “heel” of my palm on a rock waterbar; I’m fairly certain the minimal wrist strapping of the Pulse wouldn’t have protected me in that situation (nor do I fault them for that–I don’t think that’s what they’re designed for).

can anyone link to the specific model of harbingers people use for unicycling?

I don’t think the Harbingers are available now

I did a google search. I bought mine from UDC about a year ago. Oh well, I guess I would try 661 if I needed a pair, but I haven’t seen those.

I use anarchy wrist guards that I got from a local juggling shop. However they where designed for wind boarding, so they should be good for unicycling.
Heres a link to a pic of them

Sorry, I use harbingers too.

I have been using Hillbilly gloves when riding my 36… I haven’t taken a hard UPD since I had them for the last year and a half but they were the only things out there I could find that had the hard plastic reinforcement. Their largest size should be larger for adult hands… when wrapping the strap around your wrist it needs to be longer. Maybe they have fixed that by now.