Wrapping bar ends...

Well, I finally got a Coker Pi-bar to throw onto my Nimbus Drak. I love the feeling of the bar and so far haven’t noticed any real issues. I did however have a question.

I do not have anything on my bar ends right now, and I’ve already dumped the uni twice, both times the bar ends got scuffed a bit, and the end of one has a small ding in the end, (though I did bend it back the best I could).

I know a lot of people put grips on their bars, or use that grip tape stuff, but I was wondering if athletic tape would work. Could a person just put a few layers of some athletic tape on and call it good? Or does it have to rubber?

Or should I leave the bars bare? Are there any adverse effects to just leaving them be other than asthetics?

Thanks for the help!

First of all, whenever you think about posting a new thread, use the search function. There was a very recent thread about exactly this.

Anyway, I’ve tried bar tape, but after falls it got badly torn up and unusable. I’d imagine athletic tape would do the same.

Then I thought about grips; grips work quite well. What I settled for as a cheaper alternative is cutting out parts of an old, unused cycle inner tube and sliding them over the bar ends. It’s really quite nifty, comfortable and form-fitting. They protect the bars well. If you scroll down in this thread, there are some pictures. The ones I’m talking about are second from the bottom: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1517160

Whoops, sometimes my brain doesn’t function quite right.

I’ll remember to do that next time.