Wrapped up in Muni

This morning we gathered up our ever-growing group of Muni-ists here in town (6 of us now) and headed out for ride at one of the local parks. This location has miles and miles of sweet single track with some short but good climbs and descents. While warming up on one of the descents, one foot bounced off the pedal and as the pedal came back around from the rear, it somhow got caught in the elastic strap on the back of my 661’s sending me crashing to the ground. It’s really strange how the pedal managed to get under the fastened strap. Has anyone ever had something like this happen to them? Here’s a pic with my leg still locked in:

Ooops, hit the wrong button, here’s the pic:

Sorry, I forgot to adjust the size of the pic before I posted it

Here’s a smaller version of the pic.

I haven’t gotten the armor wrapped around the pedal. But I have ripped a strap off of the 661’s. I was hopping in place on the side of a trail to let a bike pass. I backed up into a shrubbery. A branch about the diameter of my thumb got under the strap and ripped it off. It ripped off at the seam where it is sewn on to the armor. No harm to me, but the armor is a lot worse for the wear.

661 wrapped up in pedal_small.jpg

You forgot to tell them how funky this UPD was :slight_smile: Let me know when I can yoink the rest of the pics from ya.

Why don’t you explain the UPD? You got to see it firsthand. All I know is I everything started spinning and I hit the ground :astonished:
I downlaoded about 30 pics to cd’s for each of ya’ll

Thanks for resizing the picture for me. I just got a new replacement digicam and forgot to set the image size before I started using it

Re: Wrapped up in Muni

wow! is it possible that the strap got caught up in the pedal before the UPD?

my leg armor is tore up where the KH nub (used to) stick out. i now wrap that part of my leg armor with duct tape.

glad to hear you all have a healthy gathering of muniers.


Re: Re: Wrapped up in Muni

Yep, it’s possible. My right leg was actually “tied” to the pedal as I spun around going down the hill. Matt watched it happen, perhaps he can explain it better

For quite a while, it was just me and the 2 Scotts riding Muni in San Antonio. Then Matt found us, then we got with Joe over the summer. Jeff and Steve just got bit by the bug within the last few weeks:D

You’re gonna have to come down and ride with us sometime

Kenny does have some special talents. I only missed seeing the crash by a few seconds. Hopefully I will see it next time he does it.:slight_smile:
It was a good ride and it was great to meet the new guys, and their rapid progress was impressive.

Eric, are you back in Austin for a while now? Now that the weather is cooling off we should all try to get together.


Yes, finally. And Yes we should. We should keep reminding ourselves how it’s not 100 degrees and we are not close to heat stroke.