wraparounds / Eli Brill

Eli just upload this nice new clip, enjoy it!

watch: wraparounds
get it: 1133.wraparounds.mp4

Wow, good job Eli. It looks much more reasonable with a 180 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Spencer. I finally figured out how to catch it :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting way over to the side of the uni before jumping was a good idea too.

Yeah hahaha. I haven’t done it directly from the pedals yet, but I’m getting there.

When will it be on Vimeo? I can’t see anything on UTV:(

I’ll post a youtube link tomorrow :wink:

finaly there is also a download link, if you also cant see that, the problem is inside your computer I think :slight_smile:
Would be interesting what your computer show when you try to play a utv video cause with flash it should run on every computer. Your Browser could be also a problem.


+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

My computer might just suck, because I only see images. and I’m using Google Chrome. None of the videos on UTV are good with my computer (sorry to say that). I can’t wait for the Youtube link!:slight_smile:

The download is even worst, it was good for the first 7 seconds then the movement stoped but the music continued.

mh thats really strange but good to know, maybe the line to Canada is not usefull at all. However, Eli will do a Youtube or Vimeo Link soon for sure and we also actually work on an update on utv to improove the speed. Many thanks for your answer, we always need feedback from outside to see where the propblems are.

That is weird…

I’ve never had problems with watching them or downloading them. They sometimes load slow on unicycle.tv but that’s it.

Nice job Eli :slight_smile:


There’s the Youtube link :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember doing this trick without a unispin a long time ago lol, with the same jumping to the side thing you do. So strange. Looks a lot better with a unispin.

Hahaha, I thought it would look so cool to do it without the unispin