wrap mount

Hay there i was looking fore some advice.
I can do the side mount and i can also do it twice around.
I cant however do it atal from on my unicycle.
I dont no how to ride along, stop and then wrap around.
I would love some advice on how to get from riding along to the wrap around.
many thanx :astonished:

To leg wrap (what I think you are describing)
1.) Hop in place
2.) Get your feet on the s
3.) Get SIF
4.) Take a foot (whichever feels better) off the , bring it around the front of the seat
5.) Put your seat back in place (from behind) and put your foot back on the at the same time.
6.) Ride away.

Good luck!

yeah that is it. It may help to learn how to legreap mount with one foot starting on the crank.
also helps for later tricks if you take your front foot off and rotate it to the front of the seat and then back, Or take your back foot of and rotate it toward the the back first and then the front.

good luck :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry I meant crannks. The crap on this computer to block spam, pr0n, etc. doesn’t let me type it the right way. Or girrl. Or naapalm. Or de ad. Or nazzi…
But learning to legwrap mount on the crannks is a good idea, too.