Wrap Around Mount

I think this is what it is called, some people call it a side mount? Anyway my friend showed me how to do it and I got it down in about 20 mins. I’ve seen people doing like doubles and triples though, whenever I try to do a double the seat it just pushed into the inside of my leg. Am I just pressing down to hard on the pedal? Or is there something else that I can do?

THeres na diffrence btwn-
Side Mount
Leg Wrap

SIde mount is simply standing on the side of the uni with one leg on 1 pedal and stepping on

Leg wrap is the same thing except your leg goes around the WHOLE seat.

People have been saying theyve learnt it quicklly but i really dont know how cos when my leg is almost there i just fall off. i cant get my leg around the last bit.

Ok, then I mean a wrap around mount.

For the double mount (single, and foot traveling other way around seat) DO NOT put your foot on the pedal, put it on the crank… that is how i do it and it helps when learning the leg wrap…

I managed to do a wrap around mount by pushing the saddle with my hand away from me…