Wrap around mount

I think I might have it, but I’m nt sure if I’m doing it right…
Since I can’t put just one foot on the pedal without the uni going flying, I put the heel of my back foot on the pedal, and the ball/toe onto the top of the crank (where the crank attaches to the wheel).
Is this right, or is it “cheating”?

standing on the crank is a good way to make sure the wheel doesn’t move at all, its not cheating…however, for mounting, what I do is just stand with the pedal I’m on all the way down, so it won’t move anyway. but I can barely do the wraparound mount, sooo…yeah.

Ah, well…I learned how today…I can do it both ways (with the pedals vertical and horizontal), but i prefer horizontal…more fun

how many time can you wrap around before you mount?

I just started learning it today…
Lol, after about an hour and a half of work, I can wrap my leg oince around the front, put in on the pedal, and ride off

cheater…ptutting your foot on the crank is totally cheating. you fail…lol j/k good work…i will work on it tommorow…its freezing out side

aw man…
lol thanks
I did my first trials line today…it’s totally noobish and sucky…it’s like 6 10"x10" blocks about a foot away from each other, randomly (meaning I don’t really jump the same way twice), and then, at the end, it’s a 12 inch jump up to a platform, then down a skateboard ramp…
I’m so proud

hey thats pretty good…just keep practicing and you’ll be really good in no time.

This is commonly called the “rollback mount” and usually starts out with the first pedal all the way down, so there is no need to make use of the side of the crank.

yeah…its alot easier that static mount…

Maybe I’m just ignorant/stupid, but I don’t think you get what I’m saying…
What I did was nowhere near a rollback mount…

Post a video of your wrap around mount, it sounds kindof like how I was trying to learn.

I think you are talking about a side mount, only instead of having the pedal down, the cranks are horiztonal.

Here are some videos of side mounts and variations:

Side Mount
Side Mount Leg around (with one extra time around seat. total times around seat: 2.)
Side mount reverse (around the back of the seat)
Side mount reverse leg around (reverse with one extra time around seat, two times around total)

Any of these mounts can be done with cranks horizontal standing on the crank, or with the cranks vertical standing on the pedal.

Yes, sorry I slipped a gear there, I meant side mount, which is an extended rollback. Sorry Sorry Sorry…

I’ll have to wait until I go back to Texas…the computer here is mega jacked up…I’ll see if I can do something, but I doubt it

Alright, When I tried those vids the first time, they froze this POS comp…I’m gonna try em again, and if they freeze it again, I’m out

I think I’m doing a side mount…I got one video to work…and I’m pretty sure it’s that one

…so where is it?

I mean one of the videos that skate4flip gave me

Oh I thought you had brought that camera to Alabama.