Wows at the Parades

Memphis Unicycle Club did a couple of parades this year. (Well, one full parade and one cancelled because of weather that the MUCsters rode anyway…to the delight of the 30 or so hardcore parade goers who hung around)

But at the full fledged Collierville parade with throngs of spectators we were doing our best parade stuff on a variety of unicycles.

One kid wheel walked a bit, we hopped up on curbs, we did stars, we rode backwards, hopped 180s…

So one Eublapharis13 wheelwalks by this group and there I go next, one-foot riding right up close to the crowd, when a kid looks right past me, points at our rider (E-13’s brother, I think) on the 5 foot giraffe and says “woooow dad, Look at THAT!”

Our stunts got plenty of ooos and aaaaahs and applause along the route. But that ole giraffe got a lion’s share just riding along.

(just an observation, for what its worth)