... Wow

Well you should be sitting on the seat so your balls should be pretty close. Just infront is most comfortable. I recommend learning how to not sit on your balls or learning to crankflip is gonna be very painful.

lol, you know what I meant.

if its a unicycle.com stock as tall as it gets you think I should chop 2 inches off?

It is easiest to learn with a tall seat. When the right crank is on the bottom of its down stroke your right leg should be almost fully extended. That is proper learning height. After that is becomes all preference. For Street most of us like low seats, however not all do, and is is certainly easier to learn with a higher seat.

If you cant get your seat any lower than the “proper” height, then you will prolly want to cut it down so it can still be that tall or shorter. Cut off a little at a time as to not cut away your much needed seat post.

Once you can ride pretty well you may want a shorter seat height so you can practice taking the seat out and in while riding… that is step one to riding street. Well hopping may be step one, and you will be able to hop better with the seat a bit low, it will alow your legs to compress and extend.