... Wow

Yall, Now I understand why you film people rolling down hills.

I got like 6 pedals far…
So Yall Can Say

“I Told Ya So”

But This also means, Im a unicyclist now ^^

finally a challenge eh?:smiley:

helllzzzzz yeah

Do I need to literally STAND when im pedaling?
(I only had about 20 mins to practice)

You’d do better by sitting down putting your weight on the seat. It means you have less weight going to each leg, you won’t tire out as quickly and will wobble less. It’s all practice though, so keep trying.

For now, don’t stand on the pedals if you can help it. Try to ride sitting with most of your weight on the seat, just using your legs to correct your balance and pedal forward.

Now, eventually when you start learning tricks and stuff you’ll be standing over the seat in some way or another, but that will come naturally later on.

What do you mean about rolling down hills…?

I think he means Muni

Yes, for hills, standing up is good and acceptable. For everything else, flat ground, get your weight onto that seat. Congregations as well. Don’t be in a hurry to get super good. The first hundred wobbly yards are the best. Soon that most awesome feeling will fade and you’ll move on to bigger and better things. Enjoy it while you can.

Pull up on the seat handle.

The best advice I can give is to pull up on the saddle handle when you are going down a steep hill. Really try to curl that saddle. It will give you firmer resistanse on the pedals.


Being a unicyclist isn’t about how far you can go, or what tricks you can do. It is a state of mind. A lifestyle. An attitude.


Standing on the pedals limits your speed more than sitting so I find it good for super steed stuff.

okay my tip to you… take 2 chairs or similar, and stand between them holding them in each hand, get on your unicycle, and just stand there trying to pedal 1/4 rev back and forth, now try to let go of one chair and do it while just holding one. when you think you are ready, go to a wall and hold it while pedaling forward and when you can do some revs, try to just let go of the wall and ride to another thing you can hold your hand at! this is how i learned it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Remember to keep your weight, ON THE SEAT! not the pedals!

The number 1 thing to remember is to put your entire weight on the seat not the pedals. Cause if you put weight on the pedals. You will become very tired, very quickly. :smiley:

I meant going down hills as in, theres TONS of youtube videos of like lil kids rolling down hills and them thinking its cool.

and now Ino why, cuz its a trick just to ride the thing

how close are you to ridding down hill do you recon?

not close at all, Ive only road it for 30 mins

My tip on learning how to ride.

Find a wall or a rail (I used the ledge on my deck) and ride along the with all your pressure on the wall. Slowly start taking pressure off until you can ride about a rev and then fall and just keep doing that until you can ride about the distance of a driveway and then work on freemounting.

WHERES THE CRANKFLIP??? nah joking, good luck learning!:smiley:

ok like, Idk if the seats too tall, but when my left legs fully extended on the left pedal, the seat is agaisnt my “area”.

and now my crotch hurts lol
I think its a 400 post? or w/e the store called it.
im 6"4, it just seems a lil big, or is it supose to be a tight fit like that

To big of a post? Seat post, meet Mr. Hacksaw (or a pipe cutter…).

You can keep cutting down to what seems right for you, since you wanna get into street (crankflips, etc.), the majority of street riders have a shorter post.

Just don’t cut off everything your first shot, keep cutting segments until it feels right.

well Im going to be very street based.

So how far from my junk should the seat be, if Im gonna be doing street/ hopping obsticlessss