Wow Wheel Magic!

Ok maybe I’m slow but apparently, someone remade the Impossible Wheel and now calls it the newest toy in town.

So I was walking around town - and this is Singapore mind you, where unicycles are about as common as the Loch Ness monster in Hawaii - and I saw what looks like a BC wheel.

I tried it out. It’s heavier than my 20" uni, you can’t steer it properly and it feels lethargic and very dumb. I stayed a while to watch the video that was playing. All that was happening was that this guy was ‘skating’ back and forth down the street. The advertisement talked about being ‘revolutionary’ and being ‘fast’ but I can’t see how fast anyone can go on a thing like that.

Has anyone actually seen this thing around?

yeh we just got one of these today to add to our crazy bikes road show(see signature)
i have had a go on them before there quite fun, but yeh really heavy i will see if i can get the hang of them, our one doesnt look built to resist even a curb drop

I didn’t know you’re a circus star!

No, it doesn’t even look like you can hop with it.

It seems like it has two wheels…

its for the guys who fail at BC wheeling :roll_eyes:

As much as I don’t find BC wheels fun, I’d still rather ride a BC wheel because it’s actually challenging, unlike that “Magic Wheel” which has the worst marketing ever.

yeh but as far as i would guess there not trying to launch it as ‘the next extreme sport’ or maybe they are i havent looked at it, but i would assume its just another one of those balance toys or fun random contraptions from taiwan

Someone had one at FLUCK.

Seems like an interesting way to get around at skateboard speeds, and a stepping stone to learning to BC.

I think I’ve seen someone who’s posted a picture before. It doesn’t look that bad - but really, couldn’t they come up with a better name? That video on their site wasn’t that appealing either… (“The, the magical wheel~”)

I wonder if you can turn it into a BC wheel by removing the rear wheel?

yeah, that’s what i was thinking, but i guess if it is really heavy, it would only be good for cruising. it seems like the foot position is really low on the wheel which would give a lower c.o.g. , making it easier to ride.

looks like a miniature penny farthing

Ah. The site states that it weights 6.3 kg.

As for the BC wheel, I just realized that mass center probably is somewhere between the wheels when standing on the plates -> you can’t just simply remove the small wheel.

Haha strange, I didn’t see one there when I went…

Looks kinda stupid though.

…and expensive for what it is. If they sell, it’ll just be like those micro scooter things that came out a few years ago and were all the rage for a while. Some people might get them, they might be cool for a while, but then no one will really care.

Having said that, I was home a few days ago and found my brother’s old micro scooter. Might steal it and scooter into uni one day!

i think they look kinda stupid, they sound to heavy for a start and the advertising is, well, crap. I’d prefer a BC wheel any day.

The day i actually see a man in a suite riding one of these down wall street is the day i take back all the bid thoughts i have about this thing. which looks dumb and easy… no too much unlike your mother…

Shhhhhhhhhhh, were having way to much fun bithcing about it :wink:

Wow, even my scooter comment had been mentioned in those other threads! Seems we all still have the same complaints.