Wow! What a calendar!

I was poking around, looking for ideas about how to change the Memphis Unicycle Club’s web site calendar page. I dropped by the Twin City Unicycle Club’s web site to see how they presented to their membership what’s happening. I was amazed at not necessarily at the web lay out but – DANG! – look how full their schedule it! All of us that are involved in other clubs have a our role model before us.

Check out the TCUC March Calendar at:

Yup. Indoors, 2-4 hours a day, several days a week, on a gym floor, with unicyclists better than you are around all the time… a recipe for improvement in freestyle.

Not necessarily a recipe for improvement in all-weather, all-terrain off-road bashing, though. Hmmm. It’s 10 degrees below 0F; do I go practice in the lighted, heated gym with lots of guys and gals, or by myself out on the icy trail in the frozen ruts and fading light? Not much contest there.

I agree. It would be much too crowded indoors. Better hit the trails! :wink:

its all in America :frowning:
shame teleport it all over to england for the month!

It would be great to have facilities available multiple times throughout the week but they can be so hard to find.

Our club practices every Tuesday and the Seattle riders usually organize a weekend ride three out of four weeks each month.
Throw in non-unicycling activites like Skiing, Soccer, Basket Ball, Track, Homework, Clubs & Church Groups, etc. it all adds up to a full schedule.

Panther Pride in North Bend, WA has a full schedule too. Their practice schedule goes something like this: Monday - beginners, Tuesday - All, Wednesday - Group Routine, Thursday - Level 4+, Friday - Open Gym. They’re school based and use the school gym from 3:30 to 5:00 every day. With having the facility, time, and a great coach in Alan T. its no wonder they’re good! We’ve been able to pop in a couple times at PP. It’s always fun and we’re made very welcome. Last Thursday we got to join in on Uni-Soccer ! Great fun.

Ride more, learn more, do more!

The calender certainly explains the quality ofriding in OWNL!