wow.. this is pretty shocking!!!!!!!!!

i got this email, “you got a new youtube message” thingy, and i checked it, and i got a mail from “Bestwhatever” and he is a representant from MTV that wants to show my video on MTV’s “Best show ever!” i dont know it might be a scam but they cant really do much can they? worst thing they can do is to show my video… so i guess i’ll have a shot!:stuck_out_tongue:

If all they have is your video (which is public already) then they can’t really do much. Just be careful about giving personal information and all that stuff.

If you look carefully it might be obvious if it’s a fake or not. I’ve had stuff like that happen before and they’re usually easy to spot.

That is pretty cool…if they’re legit. I mean, it doesn’t really look like they made an effort to do anything with their youtube page like many professional companies do, but like you said, what’s the worst that could happen?

Could you post the full message?

MTV wants You!
Hi there

I love your unicycling clips on YouTube – did you make them? If so we wondered if you might be interested in submitting them to a show we’re making here at MTV called Best.Show.Ever.

Take a look at our website - the best clips that are uploaded will be made into shows that go out on MTV.

If you’re interested get back in touch ASAP to "(some email… )"and I’ll send you more information.


Michael J. Grant

To make it into the following series it would be best to get your video clips in before the end of July.

We cannot use copyright music so please take off any before you send it to us.

What is Best Show Ever?

A very different type of talent show.
MTV’s Best Show Ever is a very different talent contest that gives anyone the opportunity to showcase their weird, wonderful, impressive and downright random skills. After filming themselves doing whatever they do best (beat boxing, burping, break dancing, skills on wheels, etc.), viewers can send in their clips to the MTV’s Best. Show. Ever. website and try to claim a title as the world’s best in their particular skill-set. MTV will then highlight the best, worst and weirdest entries on the TV series and here on our website
MTV’s Best. Show. Ever. will be comprised of 15 five-minute shows created exclusively from viewer submitted footage. The series will run for 15 weeks across MTV channels in Europe, Asia and Australia premiering on 7 June 2008.

You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

I used to work for a clip show and we would solicit videos off youtube. If you’re worried about it not being legit instead of giving an address or phone number over youtube, ask for his number so that you can call him. But basically he’ll ask for the original of the video on tape or whatever and want to send you paperwork to license the video for use on the show

Edit: based on the message clearly it’s legit, since wants you to contact him through the shows website. The only thing you might lose is the right to show your video elsewhere if they ask you to sign an exclusive licensing contract for the clip. Which means they would own the exclusive rights to air that specific clip on TV. Just read the contract before you sign it.

Hey, looks legit! That’s awesome.

What is your video clip, if you don’t mind telling us?

look in my signature, and there’s writen “my video” press it and you get directly to the youtube video:)