Wow! Only $350 for this?

Trolling through craigslist and found this:

Dang. I wonder if anybody will buy this guy’s line about the pricing on this. The last time I saw one like this it was under $40 in the JC Penney catalog.

haha ‘good for the beach’

Ha, This unique cycle cost $700 new… maybe in a different currancy…

maybe he’s talking in yen prices, so thats like $3.50 in the us.

Hehe if I ever see a sold sign on this I’m getting me a juggle bug.:stuck_out_tongue:


the guy that bought it for 700 got MAJORLY ripped off

I Shot Gun It!!

He’s probably had it autographed by a ton of famous ppl. lol.:stuck_out_tongue:

maybe if it was signed by the pope…maybe…

DIdn’t you all read the part of the listing were it said, Inner tubes of frame and tire filled with uncut Columbian Flake!


's funny.

wipes tear away from laughing.

It’s not just an overpriced unicycle, it’s an overpriced professional unicycle.

I don’t know why you are complaining. Isn’t it a real steal. :smiley: Come on, would I have such an unicycle, man, probably all chicks would go crazy and instantly fall in love with me … :roll_eyes:

Hey, the pope’s vw golf sold for over 500,000 bucks on ebay!

i hope the guys sells it… :smiley:

I call dibs.