Wow, my list of goals has changed...

…but learning to unicycle is still one of them, and has been since I was 13. The thing is, whenever I mentioned it, I was always told it was too dangerous…

I knew, and know that was and is wrong, because at 13, I had a friend that was blind, that could unicycle up and down the street as fast as I could ride my bicycle. In the dark, or in the daytime, it didn’t matter. He could hear and “feel” where the sides of the street were, and could hear cars coming.

Fast forward 33 years. I still had never learned to ride, and had never bought a unicycle. So, after having major surgery on my neck at 46 years old, in which 3 disks were removed, and were replaced with artificial disks, bone, and bone marrow, with a goal that four vertebrae will fuse together as one, I bought a unicycle.

I have been told that soccer will no longer be an option, and that I should find another hobby.

Well, I found a $50 Torker LX 20" uni to learn on, and plan to move up to a 26" or 29", but have my heart set on a 36" Nightrider (or similar), to keep up with the family on their bicycles.

So, while learning to uni is not priority #1 right now, I have accomplished the new #1, which was to make it through the surgery without paralysis, and to be able to walk well. There are some bridges to cross in the next 2 months, and at some point I plan to be cleared to run and to ride a uni, as a mountain bicycle may cause me to have to crank my head back too far, similar to looking up at the ceiling for a long time. So, my plan is to ride a unicycle, if only on concrete.

I am going to try to post a photo of me, my new unicycle, and one other goal, which I have not yet been cleared to “drive”.

Wish me luck. Any suggestions are appreciated. In the meantime, I will be watching videos and dreaming of free-mounting a 36"er.