WOW muni is so fun!

well i went to muni at the arbor hills national reserve in plano. And man was it fun a friend of mine came and we hada blast! and i really impressed some people with a 1 foot riding, tire grabs, and some other basic tricks! :slight_smile: i thought ide just
say how much fun it was

also i was wandering if i was any good.

ive been riding for about 1 month and a half(there was a part in there that i couldnt ride cause i didnt have a uni). i can ride one foot, 1 foot wheel walk, zero plant, sif ride, 180 on level ground, 180 unispin, hop up about a foot and a half maybe :thinking: .so whatya think am i any good?

That’s really incredible. Wow good!

pretty impressive. Muni is really fun and it’s so much fun to pass mountain bikers on technical sections and hills.

today it was so funny, ther were these mountain bikers on this trail and it had like a 75 degree drop and branches all around it. they were all deciding who should go first then i ride up and say " excue me" and do it with ease and their faces look like this :thinking: + :astonished: i had a blast, so did my friend

Ha thats priceless