Wow look at this guy!!

Saw this and i couldnt belive it, my friend took the pic, ichop.

that just looks super photoshopped. And im gonna go with that its photoshopped. Since the guy is darker, and slightly weird looking.

oh and the guy is a diff resolution than the pic\

Edit: yeah… after a few looks, its EXTREMELY photoshopped. haha. cheesey


WOW that is NOT photoshoped. good job

hahahahahaa… The light on the guys back is going reverse to way the light is going in the background… i knew something was going to be noticeable like that.

He’s got to be hopping off something! That can’t be from off the ground! :astonished: We obviously can’t see more to the left to show what he jumped off of.

do it for real.

(end of the video) about 1:00

off the car most likely

the angle doesn’t quite make sense either

it’s called steeze

You could have at least made it look less fake… >.<

Do better. Go on.

Ill be expecting your photoshop picture in an hour.

i accept your challenge. except i have to pack…sorry!!! haha

shadow por favor?

hah, fake :astonished:

haha nice!

The light is from the right in the picture, which should put the top of his helmet in the light, but it’s in the shade.

I assumed the intent of the shot was that he was jumping OVER the car, not off. Of course, he could be plummetting from the 73rd floor, too.

At least he will be able to outrun the cop in the “toy-car” parked on the right…



What are you guys all talking about? I say its real. I saw my uncle SIF hop over a car that was about that size the other day.